Booking a Mattel character appearance for your event will drive traffic, heighten brand awareness, and provide a memorable, interactive entertainment experience that will delight your guests and keep them returning year after year.

Working with the folks from Mattel and Oasis gave a tremendous lift to our DPTV Kids Club Live Event! Their on-site staff were great to work with - professional, on-time and willing to work with us for a wonderful meet & greet after the show. We're looking forward to working with them again on future fundraising and youth-oriented events.
Fred Nahhat, Director, WTVS Detroit Public TV, On-Air Fundraising, Detroit Public TV, Detroit MI
The show was a hit and Angelina Ballerina had the show component we were looking to put on our Family Pavilion stage. Angelina taught the children how to do various ballerina moves and it kept the children engaged. They were paying close attention to her every move!